Helen Rödel has been designing an annual handmade collection under her own name since 2010. A great innovation for the 2013 collection is that at the same time she will also introduce her first machine-assisted hand and factory-made garments.

In her own words: I needed to make a decision. Did I want to work as an artisan or a designer? As I became known for my cutting-edge, soulful and deeply researched handmade garments I felt the need for new challenges.

So, now she has broken such an altered image of an artisan. The challenge to translate the design language of the handmade to machine-knitted garments in a more urban way settled it. She has decided, after much anguish, to show her design skills working also with machinery while maintaining the same attention to raw materials and finishing.

Helen Rödel has sold her handmade garments only on order. Now the first machine-knitted garments that make the handmade companion in the collection for 2013/2014, that are unmistakably Rödel’s imprint, will be sold in prestigious reference stores in Brazil and abroad to be announced in the first quarter of this year.

I’ve been forced to think about what my brand really stands for, even in relation to issues concerning the maintenance of high quality, environment and ethics, says Rödel.

In addition to a new way of thinking in terms of design, the ability to complement the handmade with machine knitted series production also brings up exciting new possibilities and great expectations.