I declare romance




The soul is the most valuable and precious thing, but the body is the most beautiful, the real spirit manifested in something concrete. And my exaltation to the body is to dress it”.

Helen Rödel is one of the most inspiring designers of her generation and her clothes have been created thinking of wearing them as an act of magic. The brand, namesake, one of the freshest and most intriguing to Brazil, was created in 2007 by people with purpose of transcendence, who create handmade pieces, rare and extraordinary, perfect in their construction, representing someone at their most immutable state.


Temps juste

When made by hand and traditionally, objects have an additional meaning and uniqueness. Our creation process follows the idea of temps juste: the time needed to achieve perfection.

Each piece requires many hours of patient and precise work. But they also require passion and the expertise of a gesture mastered by the next generation of Brazilian artisans.

Point of view

Joining cutting-edge design and traditional craftsmanship techniques Helen Rödel designs are deeply rooted yet globally connected. Totally unseen yet memorable.

Helen Rödel is devoted to authorial design work that changes perceptions and elevates artisanal artistry of all handmade garments to new summits.

Tropical by nature

Her design perspectives also attempt to unveil her lyrical gaze on her home country, Brazil. This was a sentimental election, intensely related to the idea of making a portrait of an incognito, unexplored Brazil. Everything born is so unknown. Brazil has a lot of land and history, but keeps itself perennially in a unborn status, perhaps because there is so much fertility here that always something fleshy and colorful is about to bloom.


Photography by Sebastian Ziegler. 

巴西手工钩织服装设计师 海伦·罗德尔Helen Rödel,将手工艺从过去带入未来。品牌的两个创始合伙人研发了设计精致、编织精美、持久经典的服装。把最前沿的设计与传统的工艺相结合,Helen Rödel每年推出一个独家系列。每个系列都由手工制作的精致、创新、高价值含量的服装组成。环境及社会的可持续性是品牌的基本,他们与工匠密切合作,尊重长期的可持续发展标准。


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Exercising time, Helen Rödel rescues manual techniques from the past and projects them into the future, as Inhabiting a missing link in the contemporary scene of fashion: the origins of luxury. Shop now