How was Origin Passion & Belief

Connected and crossed paths in Vincenza, Italy.

Connected and crossed paths in Vincenza, Italy.

With every cigarette I had I took the opportunity to talk with many of the designers who were invited to the event. These many and very informal talks were the highlights of it all for me. It was really nice to connect with so many people challenging themselves as they transform fashion reality.

As noted by the prestigious Business of Fashion:

For many of the young designers present, it was the opportunity to connect with each other that was the most powerful part of the experience. “We met a lot of manufacturers and I’m sure some production partnerships will come out of it, but for me it was so amazing to share stories and ideas with so many people, all of whom were at similar stages [with their brands],” said Henson. “One thing that we noticed was that all the designers were so open with each other. Usually at other fairs, people are reluctant to share trade secrets, problems, good stores, showrooms, etcetera. But at Origin, there really was none of that. I think someone coined the phrase ‘fashion designer summer camp’ and that’s what it really felt like”.

Someone was right, that definitely was the incredibly good feeling of Origin Passion & Beliefs.

Guilherme Thofehrn