SPFW + Projeto Estufa


A word from SPFW — São Paulo Fashion Week is permanently committed to nurturing innovation and providing the industry with a platform to prototype disruption. Since the beginning, we have concentrated our efforts in identifying and promoting initiatives and businesses that can have an impact on the future. We’re definitely seeing everything being reshaped by the new technologies and a strong new current of sustainable innovation in design and manufacturing strategies and processes. This has led us to create Projeto Estufa  (The Greenhouse Project), a platform for showcasing and fostering emerging creative projects, thinkers and businesses, focusing on themes and issues that impact our lives and consequently our sector. This is something we have done before and we feel it’s the right time to nurture a new cycle. We want to connect people, projects and companies that share our belief in the power of gathering minds and energy to create hubs that inspire and support change and innovation.

Photography by Andrea Dematte (@andreadematte).